Leidel & Kracht brand products

Leidel & Kracht 3D Foam Technologies does not only develop and produce OEM-products but as well own brands in the areas of medicine, industry and free-time.

Protectors which are applied in different forms of sport as well in the daily motorcycling traffic also belong to that. Well-known manufacturers of sporting goods or from the motorcycling industry like to draw back to top-quality „Made in Germany“ because they know that when the product is labelled with “safe” it is really “safe”.

The Bellafit-pads have successfully been implemented on the market for many years as sports, gymnastics or yoga pads. Private sportsmen, clubs and gyms appreciate the perfectly springy kind. In the medicine sector they are also used by therapists, doctors and even delivery nurses. They rely on the materials which have been applied successfully in our medical products as well for many years.