Cases & container trays

A convincing presentation helps to sell successfully in the field service. The trays e.g. in the stable, double- walled plastic case are made of upmarket PE foam, manufactured customized to your products.

The noble PE foam is available in numerous intensive colors which highlight and enhance the content.
Thereby you can sort the trays in layers in different colors in order to make empty fields immediately visible. There is nothing more embarrassing than turning up at a customer with an incomplete sample case.

With a premium surface of the tray combined with the choice of different colors you underline the quality of your product. The foam is that resilient that even after frequent removal and loading of the case the tray still remains representable.
Stackable trays allow a promotionally effective presentation of complete product ranges.

Single-unit productions are executed in the same thorough way like batch productions.

With increasing frequency trays are used in the professional tool area. An advantage of the shaped trays is the quick adjustment to changing tool geometries or adjusted assortments. Due to the fact that we do not need any shape in order to produce the trays we can quickly implement changes.
In contrast to blow-molded containers or molded trays the trays maintain their functions even if smaller damages occur.
Your smaller production batch sizes can as well be professionally packed in cases and containers with trays made of PE foam. Due to the fact that we work informally, a single item production is possible.

The trays are designed individually in 2D or 3D on the basis of the given data. Thereto we need either the parts or the conventional 3D-CAD data like IGES, DXF, STL or the like.
Shall no data be available we will by means of a 3D-scanner scan your products and create a point cloud of your products. In that way we are able to design a precisely fitting tray.

Exercise our minds with your packaging tasks, whether it is a bottle of wine which has to be packed representatively or an analyzer which has to be ready for immediate operation even after rough transports.