Constructive packaging

Constructive packaging, the „Airbag“ for your product.

Devices, equipment and much more need a tailor-made packaging for a safe dispatch. The transport of packaging is much harsher nowadays. The packaging has to offer much more than a cubic wrapping of your product.

„Between packaging and your product we are in our element.“

We fill the room with intelligently constructed packaging elements which can have a lot of elements.

We use the space in order to produce a safe padded zone. We use the stable parts of your product in order to keep away the possible external active force from the sensitive areas. Therefore we develop packaging solutions, under consideration of the material constant of the shock resistant materials, which:

  • dampen vibration
  • absorb impacts
  • dampen thermal shocks
  • compensate electrical potential differences
  • enable quick packaging
  • are economical

Ready-made padded packaging are already economic in the smallest production numbers because they do not involve any or almost any tool costs.

If required we can supportingly accompany the UPS- drop- test or the drop test according to DIN EN 22 248 .

Further information are to be found here:

UPS – Packaging and supplies

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