In the field – fall protection

Sensitive products require an all-round protection in order to arrive safely from the manufacturer to the final customer. At the manufacturer´s site all transport ways are clear and defined. Everyone knows the value of the product. But as soon as the product leaves the loading ramp it is one package among others.

Typical incidents during transport:

  • Fall onto the floor space
  • Fall onto an edge
  • Fall onto a side wall
  • Turning
  • Shaking
  • Jarring
  • Warm/cold temperature change
  • Dampness

All incidents can lead to the destruction of the product.

As a limiting value, before the destruction occurs, the impact factor G may be applied.

There are tabulated values according to DIN 55471 „polystyrene-foam for packaging purposes“ or as appropriate even data given by the manufacturer.

According to DIN 55471 a G-value of between 15-20 is seen as a limiting value for extremely sensitive goods like precision instruments. Insensitive machines or tools can withstand an impact factor of 110 or more.

These values are leading values for construction in order to optimally design the padded packaging.

The calculations first serve as designing basis. The experience of our packaging developers then additionally has some influence on the design. Finally the packaging is subject to a drop test in order to approve the drop values.
Only on falling below the determined limiting value, the packaging is ready to leave the development department.

True to our ambition „We love the challenge“ you can challenge us with highly sensitive devices.
We will find a solution so that the transport does not harm your products.

Exercise our minds with your packaging tasks, whether it is a bottle of wine which has to be packed representatively or an analyzer which has to be ready for immediate operation even after rough transports.