True to our ambition „We love the challenge“ we have equipped our production with all manufacturing techniques in order to produce packaging quickly, economically and of high quality.
In special cases the packaging shall not only protect but also actually flatter the product.
Then we make use of foams with a special haptic. The foam surfaces meet high requirements as well. We continuously observe the offers on the market, test new foams or plastics or do research for the concretely requested case.

Above that we can manufacture surfaces with a textile character. The protective impact takes a back seat for the observer.

Finishing/ refining steps are possible because we have equipped our manufacturing facilities with appropriate technologies, like

  • Thermal post-processing facility
  • Laser marking system
  • Laminator (covering properties)
  • Laminator

Our individual working places enable us to produce small or even micro serial production because they are equipped for manual production made by our longstanding, experienced employees.

Exercise our minds with your packaging tasks, whether it is a bottle of wine which has to be packed representatively or an analyzer which has to be ready for immediate operation even after rough transports.