Foams in healthcare

People in misery need help. They do not take care of the quality of a medical equipment, they assume it. And this is absolutely correct because other people are responsible to take care of that. We, for instance.  Leidel & Kracht has worked hard on the worldwide good reputation in the development and production of medical pads, cushions and accessories in the last three decades.

A few examples:

Medical imaging

X-rays, CAT scanner or MR device, for each application there is a specifically developed product which fulfills the different requirements depending on the device group. The layer pads offer the patients comfort, positions them correctly, fix and protect them if necessary. Foam-coated inductors send and receive electro-magnetic rays, an MR-Scanner creates images from inside your body.


No one does it on a voluntary basis, but everyday patients have to undergo hours-long surgeries. Thereby they cannot unburden their body regions themselves because they are normally under narcosis. In this situation it is important that they rest on a pad which does not leave any pressure marks. Our pads are tested and approved for such requirements in order to be able to reduce the pressure on the skin through an optimized pressure distribution.

For the surgeons the pads also have to render their maximum capacities. With easy to be cleaned fixation techniques the pads are optimally fixed on the tables and can adapt to the flexible movements and adjustments of the surgery tables. Optimal cleanability, antistatic surfaces and stability also after many years of usage are taken for granted.


Special applications need special paddings. Not only the comfort but also the ability of irradiation is important. The rays shall help there where they are necessary and not be distracted by the pads. The therapy paddings of Leidel & Kracht are able to irradiate in the best possible way and enable an exact positioning of the patient over several applications.