If you have almost 30 years of experience in the market and recall it, some of the really major milestones are remembered which we can be proud of. Some of the most important milestones are summarized here for you. There are of course more. A constant and market-conform development is inevitable in order to be able and allowed to face the respective current challenges.

1990 – foundation of Leidel & Kracht Verpackungs-Technik GmbH

The year of our birth.The Leidel & Kracht Verpackungs-Technik GmbH was founded.

1992 – foundation of Leidel & Kracht Schaumstoff-Technik GmbH

Soon we discovered further possibilities to make use of the versatility of foamed plastic and founded the Leidel & Kracht Schaumstoff-Technik GmbH.

1998 – Thermoform technology

Own advancement and refinement of thermoform-techniques in order to serve the growing market requirements as well as branch-specific, individual requirements.

2002 – Construction technology

Introduction of modern 3D construction technologies like CAD and CAM. Therewith new possibilities were opened to us to develop in an efficient and task-oriented way.

2003 – Project management

Pretentious customers do not only want good products but also the security of a good organization in order to keep an eye on the versatile tasks and that they are finished on time. Therefore we have adapted our organizational structure to the projects.

2003 – DIN ISO certification

Since 2003 we have fulfilled without any interruption and deviation, provably all requirements of the respective ISO standard.

2004 – Toolmaking

The next bigger investment realized an own toolmaking which enabled 3D processing.

2007 – Water jetting

A further step on our way to independent manufacturing of our products. Water jetting found its way into Leidel & Kracht.

2009 – ERP-System

The continuously growing order and production volume requires a respective booking system. We went for the ERP-System, introduced it and have continuously improved and trained it since 2009.

2010 – Laser marking

The market and our customers demand, we deliver. Standards for labelling for an immaculate certification and for growing logistic requirements are fulfilled by us, thanks to laser marking on the packaging parts.

2010 – Foundation of the Leidel & Kracht Foam Technology, USA

Our manufacturing base remains in Germany. But being close to our customers is mandatory because development asks for a constant and personal exchange. Our branch in the USA was therefore the next logical step.

2011 – New energy concept

As an energy intensive company we needed a concept which considers environmental aspects optimally. Hereto we developed a concept with the university of Cologne which has almost completely reduced the consumption of fuels.

2012 – Quality management

Not only certifications and pure process orientation were important to us. Quality requirements do not fulfill themselves. Therefore we have defined and introduced an independent quality management area.

2013 – Foam plotter

We are independent and we will remain independent. The foam plotter is one of many investments on this way.

2014 – Pre-development

Leidel & Kracht also invests into the future. New material, techniques and procedures ask for a long pilot time before they can be developed to feasible products for the market. Therefore we have invested into new machines and looked for new engineers.

2015 – New website, new logo

Our focus is and remains on the customer specific product and the continuous development of the related technology. In order to transport this comprehensibly to the public, we first adjusted our Corporate Identity and then consequently adapted the Corporate Design.