Just in Time

Even after the last step of our production chain, the supply to our customer „We love the challenge“ applies.
We adapt ourselves to the delivery wishes of our customer and organize the transport of the packaging or padding to you. From a standardized delivery with a logistics provider, a forwarder, up to our own vehicles, we offer a made-to-measure solution. The economic efficiency is in the foreground of course. Under this important aspect we offer the JUST-IN-TIME supply.

For our customer it means that, based on respective contracts and agreements a specific amount of a particular packaging will be supplied at a certain point of time. Therewith we reduce the size of stock for packaging at the customer´s site. Especially with large-volume packaging this kind of supply makes more sense. In order to allow that in an efficient way we have built up respective EDP-supported systems and created storage capacities.

Exercise our minds with your packaging tasks, whether it is a bottle of wine which has to be packed representatively or an analyzer which has to be ready for immediate operation even after rough transports.