Load carriers and reusable packaging


Products which change their place during the manufacturing processes have to be packed as well. The packaging, the so called load carriers, although they do not leave the manufacturing company, still have to meet special requirements.

A distinction is made between:

  • Flexible load carriers, which accompany different products safely from one manufacturing step to another one.
  • Individual and precisely fitting load carriers which are specially designed for one product and may have additional functions

Both have one thing in common, that the requirements referring the robustness are set high. Additionally there are properties like being absolute oil and fat free, no degassing of the foam, identifiability and others.

We use foams with high imperviousness and/or respective surface treatments in order to produce a robust surface. High abrasion resistant material can partially be inserted into the load carrier.

Similar demands can be made on reusable and returnable packaging. Moreover there is the captive labelling of the packaging. This can be reached by e.g. laser of logo, a designation, a QR code or similar.

Exercise our minds with your packaging tasks, whether it is a bottle of wine which has to be packed representatively or an analyzer which has to be ready for immediate operation even after rough transports.