Quality awareness

Of course we are certified according to ISO 9001. And of course this is not enough for us. We want more and we can do more. Entrepreneurial and individual quality goals, a continuous improvement through constant inspection of existing processes and investments in innovations which should not only enlarge but also improve our product range. 

Our goals exceed our actual certification. Our quality management which we have newly defined and structured in 2012 stands therefor.

Example „continuous improvement“: Existing processes are living processes. Changes are made for optimization not only for the sake of a change. We as well know the ”vale of tears” until a change has been accepted in a company. Thanks to our long-term experience in our core competences thermo- forming and development we very well know how to estimate when it pays off to go such a way.

Example „environment protection“: As an energy intensive company we have developed together with the university of Cologne a completely new energy systems which enables us to quit climate damaging oils. We invested a lot into the implementation and could successfully close it in 2012. But we do not close a constant evaluation and monitoring of the consumption data in order to strain our environment as little as possible.

Example „staff qualification“: Next to regular continued training we are as well considered with the awareness of our employees for the allegedly “small” things. Our employees do not only know where our final products are used but as well what effect a non-conformity can have. Constructive error management is not only a cliché but is experienced throughout the whole company even down to our machines.

Quality awareness, the way we want to experience it. For us. For you. For your customers.