Techniques / procedures

Our techniques and procedures in the packing engineering

Our core competences are the economic production of foam and plastic parts as well as cardboard boxes to achieve the maximum functionality like shock protection and easy handling.

Thereupon our whole processing landscape is aligned

Vital features of our processes:

  • We are material-independent as a pure pre-product manufacturer
  • Thermo-deformation of thermoplastic foams and plastics is our core service process
  • We have all process technologies around this core process in order to prepare the pre-products optimally and to produce functional construction parts.
  • Where machine processing is discarded because of economic or qualitative reasons manual work is required. The qualified and motivated base of employees provides a reliable basis for it.
  • Process capability and control have to be guaranteed in each working step.
  • The processes are advanced on the basis of our experience with experts from machine and control engineering.

Important technologies - outlined

Process technology


  • Splitting
  • Sawing, cutting
  • Outline sawing
  • 3-axis-milling
  • Water jet cutting
  • Hot laminating
  • Concealing/ covering
  • Punching


  • 3-D milling on multi-spindle machines
  • 2-D Plotter

Supplementary production

  • Plastic welding
  • Punching
  • Laser labelling
  • Manual cutting
  • Diverse adhesive techniques
  • Diverse manual operations
  • Equipping of cases and containers
  • Thermal self-skinning