Pre development & product development

Development is not like development

Everything depends on the approach. And this one is set by you, our customers. Do you want to produce something completely new for the market? Have you already got clear ideas of how you can extend your existing product range? Do you have a product but it or certain material properties do not meet the requirements of the market?

Different approaches require different perspectives. In order to meet these requirements we have created two independent development areas: The pre-development and the product development.

They differ as follows:

The pre development

  • processes projects where there is no direct customer order
  • defines its products on basis of known disadvantages on existing problem solutions
  • works with and tests material which was not processed in our house before
  • defines and optimizes necessary processes which were not executed in our house before
  • is the contact person when a new field of application shall be served
  • sees itself not only as inventor but as innovator. A project is only then finished when it reaches technical and economical market maturity

The product development

  • processes all projects with an existing customer order and which execution takes place with all familiar materials and processes
  • designs all dummies and adaption samples which normally are executed on the basis of customers´ specifications
  • implements requirements from the specification book for the functional specification documents and the product quickly
  • measures success on the fulfillment of technical requirements, the adherence of schedules and budget
  • is part of an open and reliable communication with the customer which often decides on the success of projects