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Leidel & Kracht has been an expert for individual and customer oriented products made of foam for almost 30 years. Based on our long-term and steadily growing competence, we develop products which meet your requirements. Everything starts with a profound consulting, market and product specific development and ranges from designing, prototypes up to fabrication of smaller and bigger series. Worldwide!

Leidel & Kracht
Verpackungs-Technik GmbH
3D Packaging Solutions

We form individuality. Worldwide.

Thanks to our self-developed advanced technologies and machines we meet highly industry-specific requirements and are among the market leaders for the processing and thermo-forming of foam plastics which complete, protect and embellish your devices and products appositely, even only for the user himself at the end.

Leidel & Kracht
Schaumstoff-Technik GmbH
3D Foam Technologies

Current information

Our modernized logo – Competence- called by its right name

We have refined ourselves and our Corporate Identity and show it as well in our modernized logo. It is not all about the adapted shade of color or lettering. It is more about that what we can do and what we make...

Our new homepage – Much more than a design

Of course, each homepage has to be updated from time to time, needs new images or maybe a completely new design. Our homepage does not only set an example in the artistic way but also has made textual changes...

...is the pre-development

One of our core competences, the product development received some support. The pre-development. This is a specifically introduced and independent part where the feasibility of market-oriented but customer-independent mechanical procedures, ...

Material – knowhow and range

The necessary, complex knowledge around material properties cannot be taken from one technical data sheet. We have to know in what way it reacts when being prepared, formed, finished, transported...